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At Prima Taxi, we make a distinction between 3 types of vehicles. We distinguish the standard vehicles, green vehicles and the premium vehicles.

Standard Vehicles

Under the category ‘default vehicles’ we place vehicles whose primary function as transport is performed perfectly. At default this means place for 4 passengers and their personal baggage. The following is an example of the interior that our standard vehicles offer.

Green vehicles

Prima Taxi also takes the environment into account so that’s why in our fleet we offer green, 0% emmisions, cars. Currently, we possess a 100% electric Nissan Leaf which can accommodate 4 passengers and their luggage. It has a range of 200 kilometres with emitting 0% Co2. That’s one of the many reasons to book a taxi with us!

Premium vehicles

Compared to the standard and green vehicles, premium vehicles cannot be booked through our taxi-booking software. To do this, you will need to contact us in person to request a quote.

At our premium vehicles it is above all the comfort that matters. That’s why our premium vehicles are equipped with many high-tech gadgets and soft padding in the seats to make your ride from point A to point B as comfortable as possible.

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